Minnesota Gun Training By Andrew Rothman

Concealed Carry Permit?

Here's the thing: Minnesota doesn't have a "Concealed Carry" law. There's no CCW license, CCP, CWP or "Conceal and Carry."

Minnesota has a "Permit to Carry." It doesn't -- and it never has -- require you to conceal the pistol*.

"I really appreciated the time you took with me and the other gal in our class, letting us try each of the handguns you had, and your patience in teaching us to shoot. I didn't feel awkward being such a beginner because of your patience. I also appreciated your opinion in choosing a handgun. (I did purchase the Taurus PT111, and am getting quite good at shooting it. I outscore my boyfriend every time we go to the range.) Thanks for giving me the confidence to learn to protect myself."
- Jane*, 51

* name changed for privacy

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It's easy to understand why people call it a Minnesota "Concealed Carry" permit. That's what the newspapers and the TV stations call it. It was even the name of the grassroots organization that helped get the shall-issue carry law passed: Concealed Carry Reform, NOW! (CCRN), now known as the Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance (GOCRA).

But remember, it's perfectly legal to openly carry a gun in Minnesota, after you get your Carry Permit.

* That doesn't mean that you shouldn't conceal your gun when carrying. Under most circumstances, it's a lot easier and simpler to do so.
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