Minnesota Gun Training By Andrew Rothman

Information for Beginners

Just getting started with shooting? Brand new? Have a little bit of experience but want to get some professional instruction? Not even sure where to begin? Have a family member who needs a gentle introduction to shooting?

"If you're unsure carrying is right for you take the beginners class first... once you do you will be able to make an informed choice. Andrew is a great trainer, and helps women feel comfortable in class and at the range. I highly recommend him!"
- Lisa, St. Paul"

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No problem. I've been there myself.

Unlike a lot of instructors, I enjoy teaching new shooters. And a little secret, just between us, is that new shooters tend to end up being safer shooters than those who have been shooting a long time, if they didn't get started on the right foot.

A three-hour investment will pay for itself for the rest of your life, as you will be starting with good shooting and safety habits!

About the beginner class:

The beginner class is a custom curriculum intended to get new shooters off to a quick, safe and enjoyable start to pistol shooting.

Please don't go out and buy a gun before the class!

If you already have one, of course, feel free to bring it (unloaded and cased, of course).

That said, you don't need to bring anything but yourself and a can-do attitude (well, and money for lunch, and ammo).

I'll take care of the range fee, the guns, the safety equipment, and I'll make sure that you have a safe, fun learning experience.

All of my classes are low-pressure, positive, and constructed to build your knowledge, skills and confidence through small-group, hands-on, real-world lessons.

The topics covered in the beginner class include:

  • Gun safety for the home, the range, and in between
  • An overview of how a handgun works
  • A demystification of gun vocabulary
  • How to choose a gun that fits your needs, and where and how to buy it
  • How to choose safety equipment and accessories to make your practice safe and enjoyable
  • How to stand, hold the gun, aim it, and make an accurate shot
  • An extended range trip, with one-on-one coaching, and an opportunity to try a wide variety of guns.

If you're not sure which class you need, or if you just have a question, please feel free to contact me. I enjoy talking to my students!

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