Minnesota Gun Training By Andrew Rothman

Beginner-To-Carry Classes

When I decided to get a carry permit, I knew nothing. And, as I learned later, I did everything, if not exactly wrong, definitely the long, hard way.

"I would highly recommend Andrew's class. He is knowledgeable, and is patient in teaching even the most inexperienced beginner safe gun handling techniques."
- Jane*, 51

* name changed for privacy

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You see, I grew up in a family as far from guns as possible. I had been taught that they were dangerous and bad (except in the hands of the police, somehow....)

I went to the gun store -- the most expensive one in town, at that -- and threw myself at the mercy of gun salesmen. I rented a gun a few times, then took a carry class from instructors that didn't much mind that I hardly knew what I was doing. Then I bought a cheap gun from the expensive store, and taught myself to shoot it -- wrong.

I was lucky enough, eventually, to make friends with some good guys who actually knew what they were doing, and who were kind enough to be gentle in correcting my errors. But those bad habits took me years to break.

There's a better way. If I knew then what I know now, I'd have started with a basic handgun class before taking my carry class, and I would have gotten in lots of practice before I started to carry.

My beginner-to-carry sequence lets you decide when you're ready for the next step. Here's how it works:

  1. Take the beginner class
    Please see the page on the beginner class to learn more about the low-key, safe, and fun way we get you started with pistol shooting.
  2. Practice on your own
    At your own pace, you can rent or buy a pistol that meets your needs. Take it to the range and practive what you've learned in the beginner class until you feel you have it mastered.
  3. Take the carry class
    Please see the page on the permit to carry class to learn more about the safety-, survival- and avoidance-oriented carry class.
  4. Apply for your permit
    You'll have all the paperwork and info you need to walk in and apply for your carry permit.

(By the way, you don't have to take the classes in that order. You can take the classroom portion of your carry class first, then take the beginner class later, if you like, and shoot your required qualification at that time.)

If you're not sure which class you need, or if you just have a question, please feel free to contact me. I enjoy talking to my students!

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